US Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by UFO’s

According to various press releases, during the past few days, several Nuclear Weapons sites, both in the US and UK, have been affected by the presence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) being situated above top security sites or bases which house various nuclear weapons including Minute-Man Missile silos. See: (UFO).

As usual there are some who are not taking these things at all seriously and choose to write their articles in a non-objective scoffing manner and with a disdainful silly-grin on their face! ~ See: Scary News of the Day US Military Men Believe we are Being Invaded by Alien CND Members ( ~ Tom Chivers). Then there’s this stuff: How to Spot an Alien ( probably written by the same child or his best mate!  He’s obviously never done anything significant in his life, let along managed to leave his play-school thoughts behind, when he stopped being taken across the road by the lolly-pop man!

Anyway, we should not let these un-scientific ‘story-writers’ who have only ever read ‘fictional books’, get in the way of some honest and honourable people who have done some very significant things with their lives and been in highly responsible positions with more responsibility in a single day of there working lives than some would be able to cope with in their whole lifetime!

Many of these guys have done real work during their lives, in high risk situations and been working in some seriously dangerous environments with significant responsibility for very serious equipment and potentially life threatening conditions. They are not your average chap on the street corner, they have had specialist training within strict military environments and had to undergo extensive ongoing testing, learning and supplementary training coupled with related live-experience situations. They use live-weapons not typewriters and Snopake!  They deserve to be given some regard for their experiences, not have the mickey taken by some adolescent who thinks he is better than the rest of us, wielding his Bic pen every day for a living!

So, for those who would like to see what they, these highly trained and experienced Military Officers, have to say directly, without some ‘tea-boy’ providing childish distortions, then please feel free to visit this site and form your own opinion afterwards, whatever that may be: Disclosure Conference National Press Club 27-Sept-2010 (  You may also like to see this: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects (

If you are not splitting your sides with laughter by now, after reading the “Telegraph tea-boy’s” version of events, and are still remotely intrigued by all this UFO stuff, or maybe have a genuine interest in what some genuine people have to say and have decided to face such potential ridicule, at the expense of telling their ‘experiences’, then you may also like to read or see some of these related items:

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Aliens Interfered Weapons UFO’s Deactivating Nuclear Missiles ( & & & & /15/prnewswire201009151144PR_NEWS_USPR DC65483.html.

So, at least I have collated a few articles which portray this news in a slightly more balanced manner and if you managed to site through the whole video of these guys saying it ‘in their own words’ you can now make up your own mind. ~ If you now wish to mock that is entirely your choice, on the other hand if you accept some of these accounts as being sincere then you may take a different viewpoint of what is in fact a quite serious and some may say worrying, breach of ‘Nuclear Weapons Security‘.

Either way, at least you now have a choice of going along with the immature “Telegraph kid’s” interpretation or forming an opinion of your own based on what you have laid before you. Whatever you decide I can accept providing you have seen both sides of this brave and open press meeting which I think takes a lot of courage to subject yourself to.

Personally I think they have a valid point, especially when you consider that highly dangerous nuclear weapons have been remotely, electronically, tampered with and those responsible for them had absolutely no control over it whatsoever. I doubt if you could get more of a ‘National Security Threat‘ than that and I would say well done for publicly making their experiences known to the rest of us and highlighting such a potentially very serious situation. ~ Sleep well!



29 September 2010.

Also see:


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